Website Colors

Website Color Image

Clicking on the colored area opens a popover allowing you to quickly add color modifiers to the color: Website Color - Quick Add Modifier Image

💡 Selecting multiple colors and right-clicking in the Color Collection will allow you to add color modifiers to all the selected colors at once!

Website Color - Add Link Image

💡 Use the “Adjust All Weights” slider at the top to adjust the mixing weight of all targets

Add/Edit Color Modifiers

Website Color - Adjust Modifiers Image

💡 The checkbox next to the modifier’s name/title toggles whether the modifier is active

💡 Modifiers are applied from top -> bottom

Highlight Elements

Hovering over this will highlight (chang the color of) all elements affected by this rule to bright red. 💡 Clicking on the Highlight Button will scroll through the elements (can be ineffective if there are many elements)

View CSS Rule

Opens a popover displaying the full CSS Style Rule.

❗️ CSS color formats are always displayed as HEX, and the formatting of the original stylesheet is not preserved. It is instead formatted according to Settings-General->CSS Indentation

Restore Original Color

Clicking will remove all color modifiers/links - returning the color to the original CSS value.

💡 Hover over the button to preview the effects

Add to Saved Colors

Clicking this button adds the current color to your Saved Colors.