Adding Colors

This section covers how to manually add colors into Color Producer, and how to extract colors from images. To load colors from a website - see the getting started section instead.

This functionality can be accessed through the main window’s toolbar.

Manually adding colors

Add Color

  1. Click the “Add Color” toolbar item
  2. Enter a hex color (alpha is supported) or a CSS3 basic or extended color keyword

Add Colors from Image

Add Colors from Image

  1. Click the “Add Color from Image” toolbar item
  2. Drop an image into the drop area
  3. Delete any colors you don’t want to use (optional)
  4. Click the “Add All Colors to My Color Collection” button

❗️ When an image is dropped it is automatically processed with the current settings.

💡 To re-process the image - click the “Extract using current settings” icon - depicted in the diagram above.

Extraction Methods

Average Colors: Divides the image into a grid, and extracts the average color for each section. The grid size is determined by the sample count.

Random Colors: Captures the average color used in random areas of the image.

❗️ If an image is too small, or lacks enough colors, the app will fall short of the total sample count