Saved Colors

Saved Color Image

Saved colors can be added using one of the Add Color toolbar items or by clicking the “Add to Saved Colors” button on a website color.

Color Name

Color names are used for search, and are visible when selecting a Color Link target.

Quick Color Adjustment

Clicking on the colored area opens a popover allowing you to quickly make changes to the saved color: Saved Color - Quick Adjustment Image

❗️ Selecting multiple colors and using the right-click menu will show the “Add Color Link” option for Saved Colors. Unlike Website Colors, this will simply change the Saved Color to the linked color - no link is actually created.


Tagging allows you to organize your colors in a variety of ways. To add a tag, simply type it into the tags area. Auto-completion will display any existing tags. 🎉 Emojis are supported too!

💡 Click the arrow in a tag to show a menu with options such as “Remove colors with tag” and more: Saved Color - Tag Menu Image

💡 A button to delete all tags is located in the Settings.